The Processes and Documents Required for Buying a Used Car in the UAE
The Processes and Documents Required for Buying a Used Car in the UAE

The Processes and Documents Required for Buying a Used Car in the UAE

    We love our cars in the UAE, which is why there is such a strong market for pre-owned and used cars. It’s super-easy to find and buy a pre-owned car from MW Motors, and with a selection of hundreds of examples from the most popular manufacturers, there’s a used car for everyone.

    But How Do You Buy A Used Car In The UAE? And what documents do you need? Here are some top tips to make the process easier.

    Documents for buying a used car

    The easiest way to Buy A Used Car In The UAE is through a dealership. They’ll help you through the process from start to finish, including assisting you with ensuring all your documents and paperwork are in order. However, you will still need to provide the following documents before you can buy a used car from a dealership:

    • UAE residency visa – you must have this to buy a new or used car
    • Emirates ID card – again, this is an absolute essential. If you have applied for a new ID card and are waiting for it to arrive, you will need to delay buying your car until it has arrived as your dealership will need to see a current ID card to proceed.
    • Passport copy – You won’t need your original passport, a copy will do
    • Car insurance agreement documentation – make sure your insurance is up to date
    • Valid driving licence – the licence should be issued by the same emirate where you are registering the car
    • Inspection certificate from an authorized testing centre to demonstrate the car is roadworthy – this will usually be provided by the dealership and ensures that any car over three years old has passed an inspection

    Other things to consider

    The biggest consideration before you walk into the showroom is how you’re going to pay for your new or pre-owned car. Even pre-owned cars are generally beyond the cash savings of most people, so you will either want to put down a cash deposit and then organise finance to pay for the vehicle in monthly instalments, or take out a private loan.

    It’s also worth considering trading in your old car in ‘part-exchange’. Dealerships are always looking out for good quality stock to replace the cars they sell, so if your current car is in good condition, you could get a good price for it that can be used against the purchase price of your new vehicle.

    It’s worth using online checkers to see how much your current vehicle is worth. MW Motors’s Online Car Valuation Tool gives you an accurate, market-value-based quote. You can then book a detailed appraisal with one of our technicians. You’ll then be offered the true market value which you can either put into your bank or towards your new car.

    If you’re buying a used car from a dealership, finance is usually available for vehicles up to eight years old. You will need to qualify for finance by being over a certain age and providing proof of income (such as a salary certificate or employer’s letter), and bank statements going back for three to six months.

    Don’t overstretch yourself financially. Look for deals that give you low interest or even 0% interest for the first few months, but be sure that once the interest does kick in that you’re still capable of paying your monthly instalments.

    Registering the car

    While you’ll have to do everything yourself if you buy your car from a private seller, it’s much easier if you buy from a dealership, which will get the vehicle registered for you. There may be an additional fee to pay for this service, but as the dealership does this every day, they know exactly how to register a vehicle quickly and without any hassle. It’s worth paying a little extra for the service. Once your new registration plates and your Salik tag have been fitted, the keys are handed over and your pre-owned car is now yours to enjoy!

    If you want to buy a pre-owned car in the UAE, MW Motors is here to help. From nippy urban run-arounds like the Renault Symbol and the Nissan Micra to an aspirational Lexus RX or a Toyota FJ Land Cruiser, we have a huge selection of the best new and pre-owned cars in the UAE. Browse our online showroom to find the car of your dreams, and then give us a call to talk to one of our friendly team, who will be happy to take you through the buying process step by step.

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